At Burnside we aim to provide a happy, healthy, safe and supportive learning environment through our three core principles of SAFETY, LEARNING and RESPECT. We positively recognise good manners, friendliness, kindness and courtesy. We are proud of our reputation for the way in which we effectively integrate the social, emotional and academic needs of students into our schooling environment.

Our core business is ‘LEARNING’ and we aim to provide you with the skills necessary to develop a desire for lifelong learning, leading to becoming a valued member of society and developing your Habit of Mind.

Our school is a place of security and trust, where we create a ‘SAFE’ environment that will provide the assurance and stability required to develop you to the best of your ability. We will prepare you to become an active and reflective citizen of Australia by developing your Habits of Community.

I trust we will assist you in developing ‘RESPECT’, tolerance and acceptance of others and their diverse cultures by developing your Habit of Heart.

Many thanks to you, and your family for your commitment and dedication to learning at Burnside State School. We also thank you for helping to create and maintain our high standards of academic endeavour, and positive behaviour, as recognised across the community.

Monique Pfingst

Principal 2016