As we commence Term 3, we firstly need to acknowledge and thank all in our school community who helped us get through Semester 1, which as we all know was full of many interesting challenges for students, parents and staff.  Covid 19 has certainly delivered many unexpected changes in our lives and how we operate as a school.

As per the Operating Guidelines, established by Education Queensland, at Burnside in Term 3, we will be continuing with the following processes and procedures:


Student/ staff illness

Any person who is unwell must not attend school.  Any child who presents to the office, who appears unwell, especially with cold/flu symptoms will need to be collected by a parent/carer immediately.


Student drop off/ pick up

Before school

Our current morning process of having students divided into year levels,  for drop off will continue.  Aides will be present from 8:15am along with members of the admin team.  Parents can drop students to these areas before the bell.  After the bell parents may escort students to class but must not enter the classroom (unless teacher specifically requests them to enter) and must leave site as quickly as possible.


In the afternoon

Our afternoon process will have to continue, but we will be looking at early departure being from 2:30pm, rather than from 2:00pm.  Again registers will be kept outside classrooms with hand sanitiser etc.


Parent visits

Due to the maintained focus on social distancing, we will continue to ask parents to move on quickly when in the grounds.  We must avoid congregating in and around our classrooms.   Our preferred method of contact with staff including teachers is via phone or email.


School Assemblies

This term we will be resuming school assemblies, and will offer a P-2, 3-4 and 5-6 assembly to reduce the number of children in the hall, and thus offer more space for parents who may wish to attend.  Please note that those wishing to attend will need to book in to attend and must only sit in available seats.  More information will follow this week.


School Cleaning – additional time

Our cleaners will continue to clean high touch points across the school during the day.  This will include door handles, light switches, toilets, taps, staffroom tables, bubblers and any other area identified by the Business Manager.


Personal Hygiene

Please note that continued heightened focus on hygiene is essential.  Hand sanitiser will continue to be supplied and should be utilised by staff and students on a regular basis.  Again if your child is having issues with sanitiser, parents can supply soap for the personal use of their child only.


Play equipment

The Groundsman will continue to spray play equipment between use, the Spiderweb will remain out of bounds.


ECDP and Playgroup

Burnside ECDP, ECDP Playgroup and Community Playgroup can operate as normal in Term 3, as long as clear Covid Safe Plans are in place and adhered to.  Those wishing to attend playgroups must book in ahead of the time, and sign in.  There will be correct physical distancing and numbers limited according to space use.  Any shared resources must be limited and cleaned thoroughly between use.  Any parent or child who presents as unwell must leave immediately.


School Sport

Our local sports association has made the decision to not offer interschool sport in Term 3.  Local events including athletics carnivals will be run across the term, with Covid Safe measures in place.


School Canteen Operation

Our P and C have been involved in a major review of operations including uniform shop and canteen.  More information will be shared at the meeting tomorrow night and later in the week.



Monique Pfingst