Firstly congratulations!  If you are reading this message.  This means you are up to date with all communication within the school and will be the first to know when notices go home.

We are running another competition for each class to see who has the most parents signed up to the app by the end of week of 4.  At the end of the week 4 we will ask teachers to give us their parent numbers (one parent will be counted per child per class and turned into a percentage to make it fair ) and the class with the most parents registered will receive a trip to Suncity Bowl to do some ten pin bowling with Mrs Pfingst along with Prep B who won the last competition.

All parents need to do is to reply to their teachers email below.  You will have to do a separate entry for each child as the system can only send one teacher a response at any one time.

Once you have done this, you can be happy to know that you have registered a vote for your child’s class (one step closer to winning the bowling session) and the school knows that the app is working for you and you will no longer miss out on notes and messages home.

Paper notes were sent home last week to inform parents, not on school stream already.

Please share this information around with your friends, ask them if they are registered and help us reach the whole community.

Kind Regards
Burnside State School


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