The following processes will be in place from Monday the 25th of May, 2020

Morning: We must limit the number of children who are congregating outside waiting for classes to start.

Parents must deliver children to the correct space and then proceed to leave the school site.  Parents are not to sit and wait with children, nor are they to stay in the classrooms once children are delivered to the teachers.

If you as a parent wish to tell the teacher any important information pertaining to your child’s return, please send them an email prior to Monday morning.  Our preferred mode of communication for teachers will be email.  If the issue is urgent, please ring the office so that we can organise a return call or forward the required information to the teacher.

Afternoon: We must avoid crowds of adults congregating outside classrooms, and to avoid this, we will allow parents to collect their children at any time from 2:00pm.  When you arrive at school you are to report directly to the classroom.  A register will be available for you to sign out your child straight away, and you may then leave the school site. Until further notice this replaces the early note you would normally get from the office.

At the room you will find a desk with hand sanitiser, a register and a pen.  These registers will be returned to the office daily.

In the event you are getting another person to collect your child please send us the details via email, or ring the office so that the staff member knows the identity of the adult collecting your child.

Of course you may collect your other children in older year levels if they are on site due to your circumstances.  We do not want any parents sitting outside any classrooms waiting for children.

Any Prep students remaining at 2:45 will be waiting at the front of the classroom.  All students from other year levels will leave their classrooms as usual to meet you at your car or designated meeting spot that must not include any other parents in the same area unless you are at least 1.5m from each other.  This cannot be near any classrooms.  Again though, as soon as you have your children you are asked to leave the grounds and carparks.

It is hoped that this will also alleviate the parking issues we experience too.  Of course no child will be penalised for leaving school prior to 2:45pm as long as they are signed out by an adult.