Days and Times

Our Learning Expo will be held across the following days/ times.

  • Tuesday June 23:          8:00am -9:00am  and 2:30pm-4:00pm
  • Wednesday June 24: 8:00am -9:00am  and 2:30pm-4:00pm
  • Thursday June 25: 8:00am – 10:00am


Day Morning Afternoon
Tuesday Prep – Yr 2 Yr 4 – Yr 6
Wednesday Yr 4-Yr 6 Prep –Yr 3
Thursday Prep –Yr 6


Parents and carers are invited to visit our hall at the above times, to:

  1. View the great art works linked to our 6C’s completed by students in the latter part of this term
  2. Collect student report cards for Semester 1

Please note that while NO face to face interviews are being offered this term, teachers will be available to engage in phone interviews at parent request.  Please contact the office to request a phone interview and this will be passed onto the teacher.  The teacher will ring and negotiate an appropriate time to discuss student learning outcomes.

Please remember that this semester we have offered ‘holistic’ results for students, based on knowledge of work completed to date, rather than specific assessment results, as many children have been absent due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis.


Learning Expo Procedures

Parents will be able to access the hall on their scheduled time/day.  This will operate in a similar manner to the one used when we gave out our HELP packages in Term 1.  Parents may only enter from the front of the hall (creek side) and exit only through the side closest to the STEAM room.

Parents can walk around the boundary inside the hall to view student work and collect report cards (located at the stage end).

In line with the Covid 19 safe practices restrictions, we will only have …… people in the hall at any given time.  We will have staff at the front door monitoring numbers and capacity.  It is essential that parents/carers follow all directions given by staff.

Those who are waiting to enter will be asked to keep appropriate distancing outside the hall.  Markers will indicate the distance required.

Once you have your reports and exited the hall, you will be asked to promptly move off the grounds.


Important information

Please note the following:

  1. Only parents and carers can collect report cards for their own students
  2. No parent can ask another to collect on their behalf
  3. If you have a child in P/1/2 you may collect ALL your children’s reports at the same time. (You do not have to come back in the afternoon)
  4. If you have not visited the hall to collect report cards by 10:00am on Thursday, you may call into the office to collect them up to 3:30pm that afternoon.
  5. Any reports not collected by 3:30pm Thursday June 25 will be posted home. You cannot collect report cards at school on Friday
  6. If you have your children with you while in the hall, please ensure they stay with you and do not go ahead of you or run in the hall. All artwork can be viewed but please do not touch it. (all student work will be returned to the class teacher for distribution back to students after the expo closes)